About cookies

Sveaskog uses cookies on its websites.

A cookie is a small data file with text that is stored on your computer by the web browser and contains information.

There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary.

The permanent cookie saves a file that remains on the visitor’s computer. It is used to be able to adapt a website according to the visitor’s preference and interests by collecting information about how a website is used and which pages are visited, all for statistical follow up. Certain permanent cookies are also used for marketing. Based on the pages which are visited, relevant advertisements are shown to the user. These remain for the visitor themselves, or the server that sent them, deletes them. 

The other type is called a temporary cookie. During the time the visitor is on a webpage, it is stored temporarily on the visitor’s computer memory. Temporary cookies disappear when you close your web browser. Certain temporary cookies are necessary to make a web page useable by enabling basic functions such as side navigation and access to secure parts of the website. 

If you as a visitor don’t want to allow the website to use cookies, you can either configure the web browser so that you get a warning each time the website attempts to store a cookie on your computer, or completely block storage of cookies. Then no cookies will be stored, but you will not be able to use certain functions on the website either. Click on this link for help about how you turn off cookies 

The following cookies are used on the website 


Sveaskog.se, Svea_acceptcookies

These cookies are used so that Sveaskog’s web pages function. They handle session management and navigation.  


Google analytics, Sveaskog.se, Vimeo

Statistics cookies help Sveaskog to understand how the visitors use the website by collecting anonymous data about which pages are visited, how long and how these pages are used, and to know if a user has visited the page previously.

Marketing and 3rd party cookies

Sveaskog.se, Google-analytics, Facebook.com, doubleklick.net

These cookies are used to follow the user when they navigate over web pages. The aim is to show advertisements that are relevant and engaging for the user and thereby more valuable for the issuer and third party advertisers.