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  • Sveaskog

    Our vision is to be the leading forest company

Sveaskog in brief

Sveaskog is Sweden's largest forest owner and sells sawlogs, pulpwood and biofuel to customers, primarily in the pulp and paper and sawmill industries.

Sveaskog also works with land transactions and develops the forest as a venue for hunting, fishing and other nature-based experiences. Sveaskog is the Swedish market leader within forest regeneration and seedlings through Svenska Skogsplantor.

The forest and its assets are Sveaskog's core business. Conducting forestry operations and developing new business opportunities and applications for wood raw material, wood products and forest land are a major responsibility. Sustainable development permeates every aspect of Sveaskog's business.

A tree that is planted today will be harvested in 60–120 years. The growing forest and production of wood raw material make a substantial contribution to counteract climate change.

Sveaskog had sales of SEK 7.209 million in 2019 and in average 807 employees throughout Sweden.

Sveaskog is owned by the Swedish state. The main geographic market is Sweden.


  • Sveaskog owns 14% of forest land in Sweden, spread across the entire country. 
  • Most of the forest land is in the northern part of the country.