Integritety Policy

Sveaskog and Sveaskog Förvaltnings AB (in the following Sveaskog), process personal data in their operations, also including Mörrum Kronolaxfiske och Svenska Skogsplantor. This informational text describes which personal data Sveaskog may process and the intended purposes, as well as your rights and Sveaskog obligations towards this personal data processing. Sveaskog is responsible for processing personal data, which Sveaskog gathers and is described here. If you have questions regarding processing of your personal data, contact Sveaskog at the contact information listed below in Chapter 4. 

1. Our processing of your personal data

Within the scope of the operations, Sveaskog may gather personal data about you for various purposes, for example, through mailings and subscriptions to our newsletter or newspaper, through various types of purchases or granting of access rights. For example, when you send an e-mail to us through the web site to state your opinion or ask a question, we need to store your contact data for processing your case and contacting you regarding the case. We only store the data you choose to provide yourself. We will only process the data for the purpose of handling the case.

We may make recordings or take photographs at conferences, seminars or other events. This means you may appear in audio and video recordings or photographs, which Sveaskog processes and may also be published. Sveaskog will give you advance notice before such recording or photography takes place. We will not publish audio or video recordings in which you play a prominent role without your consent.

When you apply for an open position, submitted application documents will be made available to and processed by the individuals at Sveaskog responsible for recruitment. Your personal data will be further processed by the human resources department, which will ensure your personal data is processed confidentially within our organization and for the intended purposes only. Your application documents will be stored while recruitment is ongoing and for an additional two years afterward. Spontaneous inquiries to Sveaskog are saved here for 12 months, then discarded.

When you sign an agreement with us, for example an agreement on rights to access, we will store the personal data you provide in a data register. We use the personal data exclusively for administration of the agreement and for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations towards you. Data may be retrieved from public registries for purposes of updating personal data. If you perform a commission for Sveaskog for a fee, we will also process data necessary to pay you the fee, specifically account details and in some cases your national registration number.

Processing of personal data using our Whistleblower Function

The purpose of processing personal data using the Whistleblower Function is to evaluate the reports submitted through the Whistleblower Function and to investigate whether the designated person(s) participated in crimes such as corruption or other serious improprieties. The personal data we process is the data provided in the report and any other information gathered to conduct an appropriate investigation. The data may contain the name, position and information about the suspected criminal offense. Sveaskog has limited the authorization for access to data in the Whistleblower Function solely to authorized individuals at Sveaskog. These individuals have been sworn to secrecy by the personal data supervisor, and will not be allowed to register any personal data traceable to a reporter in a Whistleblower case without expressed consent from the reporter, regardless of the type of data. Only data necessary for investigation and evaluation in a current case will be stored and processed. Upon conclusion of a case, all personal data not required by law to be stored by Sveaskog will be deleted.

2. Access to your personal data

Access to your personal data is limited to the individuals at Sveaskog, who are required to process your personal data. Your personal data may also be transferred to our service suppliers who are providers of our IT system and may assist us with newsletter mailings and other communications. Sveaskog always ensures the security of such transfers and compliance with applicable data protection laws. Sveaskog will save your personal data as long as this data is required to fulfill the purposes for which this was gathered.

Sveaskog may save some personal data longer than stated above to ensure compliance with the law.

3. Your rights

Right to registry extracts and corrections
You are entitled to request registry extracts regarding the personal data Sveaskog has processed pertaining to you free-of-charge. If you find that any of the personal data Sveaskog has about you is inaccurate, you may request corrections to this data. Sveaskog will correct all personal data proven to be inaccurate, with the exception of the personal data processed solely for archival purposes.

Right to deletion
Your personal data will be stored no longer than the period stated in Section 2. Sveaskog will also delete personal data in compliance with applicable law. You have the right to demand deletion of inaccurate data, but only after the processing of personal data is no longer necessary, or no other justified interest carries more weight.

Right to limitation of personal data processing
You have the right to request limitation of personal data processing in the following instances:

  1. If you question the veracity of the personal data.
  2. If the personal data processing is not allowed, and you choose limitation of personal data rather than deletion.
  3. If the personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which these were previously processed, or needed to establish, verify or defend legal claims. 
  4. If you raised an objection to processing supported by a justified interest.

A limitation of personal data processing involves continuation of storing the personal data, but otherwise discontinuation of further processing by Sveaskog without your consent. 

Right to withdraw consent
If you have given your consent for Sveaskog to process data in any respect, you have the right to withdraw this consent. When you withdraw your consent, the processing to which the consent pertains will end and personal data gathered with the support of your consent will be deleted on the conditions the data will no longer be needed for other purposes for which Sveaskog has the right to process your personal data. 

Exercising your rights
If you would like to exercise one or more of your rights as discussed above, contact Sveaskog at the contact information listed in Section 4. Sveaskog will process a request from you promptly. If Sveaskog does not agree to fulfill your request or to fulfill the request in its entirety, you will be informed of this, including the reason on which the decision is based.

4. Contact

You can always contact Sveaskog regarding personal data processing by Sveaskog as described above at:, switchboard: +46 0771-787 000.