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The salmon fishing in Mörrum has long traditions and has been regal since pre-medieval times. The first written depictions appear as early as the year 1231 in Valdemar the seconds Jordebok (the book of the earth). 

There is a lot of exciting history relating to fishing in the river Mörrum. In our exhibition you will find fascinating descriptions of this past.

Long ago the implement of choice for catching salmon in the river Mörrum was the spear or trident. Era by era new tools appeared, such as salmon tubs, landing nets, weighted drifting nets and regular stationary nets often made from wool. Many of these methods were still in use as recently as the 1960s but now all commercial activity has ceased. However some of the traditional stationary swims for this fishing can still be seen, notably at Kungsforsen and Hönebygget. All salmon and sea trout fishing is practiced as pure sports fishing.

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske has been run as a sport fishing destination since 1941. Fishing Master Gunnar Johansson began to develop what we today can proudly title as the crown jewel of Swedish sport fishing, one of the most renowned salmon and sea trout fishing waters in the world.

Last updated: 2013-12-16