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The Surroundings

The Surroundings

Both locals and visitors from far and away come here to fish and to partake of the unique environment offered by the river, to try out the Kronolaxen restaurant or to view the aquarium housed next to the exhibition. Here you can meet the mighty salmon without having to wade out into the current of the river, partake of the history that has made Mörrum an Eldorado for angling enthusiasts from around the world.

The salmon fishing in Mörrum has long traditions and has been regal since pre-medieval times. The first written depictions appear as early as the year 1231 in Valdemar the seconds Jordebok (the book of the earth).

The angling as we recognize it today first started to take shape in 1941. Each year tens of thousands of anglers, from many countries will visit Mörrum trying to catch one of its salmon or sea trout. Our exhibition documents the lives of the fish and other animal life found in the area, it also details the history of the sport fishing. You can view live salmon and sea trout in our 13 meter long aquarium. There are also models depicting the different stages of development of the salmon and sea trout, from egg to fully grown ocean going fish. There are also beautifully detailed casts of record sized fish caught in the river. Kungsforsen and its surrounding areas are an attraction in themselves that yearly lure hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the world that wish to partake of the fine wandering opportunities through the Mörrum river valley. At the right time of year you will be privileged to see the salmon leaping in the river.

Alongside the river are several nature reserves and the river in its entirety is a “Natura 2000” area. One popular wandering route which tells the tale of the river and its cultural heritage is called Laxaleden(Salmon route) . This route is a 30km long cultural trek with the river Mörrum as its main theme. The route is situated between Hovmansbygd and Elleholm. Along this route you will find a hundred or so information boards detailing the history and culture along this fish abundant and powerful body of water.

You can find more information about Laxaleden here.

Last updated: 2013-12-16