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Kreativum is a science center for the curious, irrespective of their age. A fantastic building filled with the joy of discovery and aha experiences. 2000 square meters of “hands on experiences” Over 100 interactive displays. Spacious surroundings for a host of great activities

Our primary goal is to stimulate curiosity and creativity, focusing on the joy of discovery. We would rather ask questions of those visiting us than provide the answers. The will and desire to learn must be allowed to develop. This is something we think can be stimulated by doing the thinking, doing the testing and doing it yourself.

We do not just learn at school, children visiting us with their family, grandparents or friends often find that they learn things without even thinking about it. The learning is built into our displays, here you can discover the forest, things that mankind has developed, the stars and planets and test your own reaction time. Challenge your dad to mindball, have a relaxation competition, winning is something a child will never forget. However the most important reason for visiting us is to have fun.

Find out more about Kreativum at www.kreativum.se

Last updated: 2013-12-16