Biotope conservation

Biotope conservation

Has a tree fallen across your favourite spot? Are there bushes and rough in your way as you move down the river? Don’t worry, it is part of the conservation project to ensure that you will be able to continue fishing salmon and sea trout. 

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske are part of several biotope conservation projects, including preserving the river pearl mussel and the thick shelled river mussel. We primarily focus on hosts for these mussels. Huge amounts of gravel have been placed in the river to create spawning beds. This has been transported by truck and in some cases even by helicopter!  Newly planted trees and preservation of fallen trees and dead wood is also part of maintaining biological diversity in the environment.  Therefore Mörrums Kronolaxfiske maintain a very restrictive policy regarding the removal of fallen trees.

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Responsible research and fish conservation

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