Breeding and release

Breeding and release

To help nature along the way we annually release new sea trout. All the bred fish are “wild” fish, this is to avoid diluting the gene pool. For this reason we have suspended the release of salmon over the last couple of years. 

Kronolaxfiskets breeding facility is comprised of two separate recirculating systems, a 55 cubic meter sized hatchery and an 80 cubic meter breeding bed. Both systems are built upon the same principles, incorporating drum filters, ultra violet lighting and bio filters. Only 2-5% new water is added every day as the system reuses purified water. The system has no contact with the river Mörrum, preventing any eventual diseases from spreading either way.
At the start of September we begin catching the fish intended to be used for breeding. These are caught at Kungsforsen using a landing net or at Mariebergs salmon steps in conjunction with fish checking. The fish are then separated into different reservoirs, according to sex and species. Arounf October 20th the female sea trout have usually matured enough to be squeezed for their eggs. To guarantee the best fertilization results each female is fertilized by two different males. Before the eggs are moved into the hatchery they are washed in an iodine tincture. The water in the hatchery has its temperature controlled carefully, every effort being made to simulate the temperature curves of the river Mörrum. In mid-March the eggs will finally hatch. The eggs are hatched retaining their own yoke sack which provides nutrition for the first couple of weeks. When this has been consumed “start -up” feed is provided.
Some of these sea trout spawn will be retained and raised to one year old smolt while others will be released into streams that feed the river Mörrum. Every year we also release these spawn into Nättraby river and Lyckeby river.Mörrums Kronolaxfiske annually breeds approximately 15,000 one year old sea trout smolt. These are released at the end of March and the beginning of April. For the sea trout smolt to adapt to the river Mörrum they have to be given time to “smoltify”, a physiological process where the fish starts to adapt for life in salt water. All of these sea trout have their fat fins trimmed before release.

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