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Electrical fishing

Electrical fishing

During a few intensive days every autumn, you will find some of our staff out on the river with some very special fishing tackle.

To get an idea of long term production figures we perform “electrical fishing” at some pre-designated points of the river. These spots are carefully chosen to mirror the rivers production. Many of these spots have been used for a long time but occasionally we will add spots to check results from biotope conservation.

By using an electrical fishing staff we create a current that will last for 4 – 8 seconds, temporarily attracting, then stunning the fish. We then use a landing net to pick up the fish. There are always two people involved during this type of fishing. One doing the actual fishing and one keeping an eye on cables and the water filled buckets for fish storage. When all of the fish have been identified, measured, weighed and registered they are then carefully returned to the river Mörrum.

To be allowed to pursue this “electrical fishing” we have a number of permits and licences and we have to send the staff for special training.

When the work is done the results are reported to a central register for electrical fishing.

This register is administered by the institute for aquatic resources at SLU.

Click here to check older records in the register

Last updated: 2013-12-17