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Enforcing fishing rules

Enforcing fishing rules

There are many rules and even laws that regulate fishing in the river Mörrum. Sometimes it can seem a little complicated, though they are in place for a good reason.  We ensure that over fishing does not endanger the prospect of our children enjoying the same standard of fishing that we enjoy today.

The limitations regarding equipment and tackle are set in place by the Local Council and the National Sea and Water Authority. We as owners of the fishing rights have also adapted these laws to ensure that catches are kept at a realistic level, yet still allowing anglers to experience a great standard of fishing.
Our staff are engaged by the Local council and National Sea and Water authority to enforce these rules. Totally we have ten bailiffs that are trained and authorized to enforce these rules, ranging all the way from the northerly border to Småland, all the way out to the protected zones in Pukaviks bay. Further out at sea we have a shared responsibility for enforcement with the coastguards.

The bailiffs that work for us are very well versed in all the rules and their primary goal is to help you do the right thing. They are all very experienced anglers and will be glad to offers tips and hints.

We are very grateful for any observations you may make along the river that seem suspicious or unusual. If you do encounter anything odd then feel free to call our service line on +46 454 51280.

We always strive to make our rules as simple as is possible, often they are dictated by common sense. 

Last updated: 2013-12-16