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Nature reserves

Nature reserves

The river Mörrum is a location of national interest, as such it is designated as a “Natura 2000” area. Aside from this giving the river considerable protection it also entails that many adjacent areas to the river are designated as nature reserves. For those not fishing there is a fantastic wandering route called “Laxaleden” This route is provided with signs pointing out facts regarding the local nature, wildlife and also telling the story of historical and cultural remains.

It is of paramount importance to us to receive the protection afforded by the Natura 2000 and nature reserve statuses. We encourage our visitors to respect these rules and also the wildlife and plant life that you will find here.
We are engaged by the Local Council to be part of the maintenance operation for these areas. This entails amongst other things, clearing paths, collecting refuse, facilitating parking, maintaining signs, bridges and spongs. In conjunction with the Local Council we also have an ambition to develop these nature reserves as a location for anglers and other visitors. The river Mörrum is fantastic and we hope that many more people may get the opportunity to enjoy it.

Last updated: 2013-12-16