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Thick Shelled River Mussel

Thick Shelled River Mussel

The thick shelled river mussel is the most endangered species of mussel in Europe. Under the project banner of “Unio Crassus For Life”, 4.9 million euros have been invested to save the mussel and to improve the condition of 12 rivers in southern Sweden. 

In Blekinge these improvements for the mussels have been put in place in the “Natura 2000” area, incorporating the river Mörrum and the river Bräkne. This is part of the EU financed, LIFE project, which strives to restore endangered enviroments.

In the river Mörrum in conjunction with the Local council, who are project coordinators, spread out large amounts of spawning gravel for sea trout, which is an excellent host creature for the thick shelled river mussel.

You can read more about this project at Länsstyrelsen I Blekinges site. www.lansstyrelsen.se/blekinge

Last updated: 2013-12-16