Mörrom logotype, tar dig till startsidan

Information about the opening day, March 28 2020

Saturday, March 28, 08:45 Håkan Windahl sings "A poem to Mörrum" which is followed by cannon salute at 09:00 – the start of the opening day for fishing in Mörrumsån. The 80th premiere!

The start-up announces that we now have 6 months ahead of us and that once again you can enjoy fishing for salmon & sea trout and other nature experiences at the world's most beautiful fishing waters. It will be a day with plenty of water, how much water we do not know but the opening day will take place anyhow!

With the water flow we have today (20-03-11), 120 m3/s, many places along the river will be greatly flooded. This means that it is not possible to get down to the river in boots or rubber boots. With waders it will be easier, but there are several places where waders are not enough. We advise against wading in the river, no matter how experienced you are as a fisherman. It has been a high flow for a long time, which causes the bottom material and the stone to move. This can mean that where there used to be a shallower part of the river can suddenly be deep. Also be aware that trees, branches and other objects can be floating from upstream.

Should we have around 90 m3 / s at the opening day, trails and river edges will emerge, which facilitates fishing along the river without wading pants in several places. 90 m3/s is still very much water, and care should be taken here as well. Wear a life jacket and wading rod.
If you are unsure or uncomfortable with fishing at such high water levels, you will be able to cancel your already booked premium fishing. All fishing is done at your own risk.

Our fishing hosts are on site along the river. Do not hesitate to ask them about fishing tips and other things you are not sure about.

Due to the situation, we have decided that if you have a permit for Pool 1-8 or 9-16 in the morning or afternoon you are free to fish the entire stretch 1-16. Same applies if you have a permit for Pool 17-24 or 25-32. This means you can fish on the entire stretch 17-32.

We do this to make it easier for everyone to find a place where you feel safe to fish. We will also close the booking for further permits on the opening day from 20-03-11 until the river has a level that can accommodate more guests (approx. 90 m3 / s). You can follow the water flow on our website. 

Of course, we also follow the public health authority and the development of the Corona virus.
Everyone is warmly welcomed to Mörrum and Mörrumsån!