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Regarding coronavirus and the fishing premiere in Mörrumsån

The fishing premiere is a popular and well-attended festival that attracts thousands of people each year. This year, the event is being conducted on a smaller scale and only people with valid fishing licenses are invited to limit any contagion and for safety reasons as the area has high water levels.

"Due to the Corona virus, we will not organize a public event like in previous years, but it will be a cannon shot for those who have a fishing license. Behind the decision is partly the risk of contagion and partly that the area has extreme water levels, which gives less surface to be on", says Ida-Maria Rigoll, site manager at Mörrum's Kronolax fishing owned by Sveaskog.

The current sale of fishing licenses for the 2020 season appeals to Mörrum's Kronolax fishing to all fishing interested to buy these online via the website.

"With this, we want to minimize the risk that our staff will be affected by the spread of virus while knowing that the best thing for buds and bodies is to stay in nature. And fishing is obviously a way to take part in the nature experience", says Ida-Maria Rigoll.

If you have any questions or would like to cancel your fishing licens, please call +46 454 501 23, email morrum@sveaskog.se or contact us at our social media for further management.

The cannon shot will be conducted on March 28 at 9am.

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