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Update for the opening day and for coronavirus

We still have very high water flow in the river, today 111,8 m3/s. According to the forecast available the water is now slowly sinking. If there is no more rain than what we can already see, there is the hope that on the opening day we have about 90 m3/s. This is of course still very much water but much more fishable.

If you will be fishing on the opening day or in the near future you should take the utmost care when you move along the river. We advise against wading and avoid fishing from a place that does not feel safe. Keep in mind that all fishing is at your own risk.

When it comes to the corona virus, we follow the authorities' decisions. The opening day will not be a public event. For more information about the fishing on the opening day and for the corona virus, follow the links below

If anything changes regarding the opening day, water flow or corona virus, this will be announced on social media and on our website.

2020-03-16: Regarding coronavirus and the fishing premiere in Mörrumsån

2020-03-11: Information about the opening day, March 2020