Casting course for double handed rod

Casting course for double handed rod

To fish for salmon and sea trout with a fly and a double handed rod is an amazing experience. To learn how to cast together with an instructor and new found friends is considerably easier than on your own. 

The day’s instruction will focus on casting techniques for beginners and improving the technique of those with an already basic understanding. We’ll also have a look at equipment selection in order to optimize your casting.
Welcome to an exciting and informative day by the river Mörrum! 

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The course starts 9 a.m. at Laxens Hus in Mörrum. Except for a lunch break we will spend most of the day on casting technique which thoroughly is built up from basic exercises (rolling cast) to more advanced (”speycast”). Also various parts of the equipment are brought up and how they can help you to improve your fishing. The course finishes at 5 p.m., with the opportunity to continue fishing during the night. A casting instructor will adapt the techniques and information covered to your individual needs. This means the course suits both full beginners as well as experienced anglers who want to improve their cast even further. 

Do you wish to stay an extra day or two to continue fishing? Make reservations for permits and accommodation through our information desk at +46 454 50123 or on our webpage ( Should you have a long trip to Mörrum you can also extend your stay with a night before course start. 

Fishing permit for “Norra 17-32 & Södra 1-16”, guide and casting instructions, lunch. Equipment included when needed (rod, reel, lines and waders).

After you book a course with us. Contact our reception on telephone +46 454 - 501 23 or e-mail if you need to borrow equipment. Then state what size you have on shoes and that you need a fly-fishing equipment.
Attire according to weather. We recommend that you bring a pair of underpants, soft trousers or similar as well as a pair of thicker socks / rag socks that you can wear under the waders.

Package dates: Can be booked from 4 April to 28 September 2021. Arrival day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Availability: 3 per occasion

Price: 2990 SEK/person

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