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Autumn Fishing

Autumn Fishing

Our “most varied” fishing. There should now be fish on all stretches of the river. The nights become longer and cooler and the water temperature begins to sink. The salmon that have been stood in deeper water become active again and the sea trout start to rise. You can even fish in the middle of the day although this requires that the water temperature stays below 17 – 18 degrees. A sunny autumn day does not have to be bad news for the fishing. If you are targeting sea trout then the hour before and the hour after sunset are usually the most productive.


Smaller flies are advantageous during daytime, medium-large at dusk or dawn, large flies during the evening or at night. Black will provide the best contrast against the night sky. Colours are not really that important, “Beiss colurs” black and brown work well.


During the autumn it is customary to use a floating line or an intermediate line with varying tips or sinking leaders. The best choice is “Float-Sink 1”, a floating line with an integrated intermediate tip. 0,30mm to 0,40mm diameter leaders are recommended, preferably fluorocarbon.


Normally the water speed will be between 9 and 15 cubic meters per second. The optimal rod will be 12 – 13 foot or you could try a powerful singlehanded rod, class 8 or above.

Fishing Strategy

There is quite a difference between fishing for salmon or sea trout at this stage of the season. The salmon will prefer slightly deeper water with an even flow, for example” Hästhagen”, “Röda stugan”,  “Danskvallen”, “Husvagnsrakan”, “Nedre Vittskövle” and points where the current enters the pools. The sea trout will usually not start to move until dusk and will stealthily move upstream during the cover of night. The sea trout are more reserved than the salmon and will prefer a fly that is “swept” over the swim. The salmon will tend to react more positively to a “lively” fly.

Last updated: 2013-12-16