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Summer fishing

Summer fishing

The “most difficult” fishing. The summer fishing is largely practiced in the mornings and evenings as it is susceptible to detrimental effect both from low water speed and high water temperatures. The fishing may not prove all that difficult if there is decent water speed, plenty of newly risen fish and a water temperature under 20 degrees. This is when the first fishing for the “autumnal” sea trout begins, primarily in the evenings and at night. It is not entirely unusual for the first of these fish to start wandering up the river Mörrum at the end of May.

Flies and line

This is when floating lines come into their own in combination with different tips and sinking leads. The best choice is usually “float sink 1” – a floating line with an integrated intermediate tip.  Leaders should preferably be fluorocarbon with a diameter of 0,30mm to 0,35mm. During the height of summer as the river recedes and trees start to overhang the swims then it may be suitable to switch to 12 to 13 foot rods or alternatively try a powerful class 8 single handed rod.

Fishing Strategy

At this time of year it is sensible to focus upon morning and evening fishing. The fish, particularly the larger salmon will be difficult to entice to the take and will seek up positions in the deepest parts of the river. You can make things slightly “easier” for yourself by fishing the rapids, for example pools 8 – 11, Åkrokenströmmarna or Hönebygget. Here you are likely to find some of the younger, smaller salmon, they may well respond to a smaller, faster fished fly. During the evening and night fishing for sea trout concentrate on the head of the stream or pool.

  • Choose spots with fast water
  • Fish the fly quickly during the day
  • Fish the fly slowly during the evenings
Last updated: 2013-12-16