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Every season we overview the rules and regulations of the fishing. Our aim is to offer you simple guidelines to follow, facilitating ease of fishing. Rules may change during the season so keep an eye on the website or ask at Laxens Hus.

Amongst new rules that are being set in place for this season are longer fishing times and now all stretches of the river will be available for both spin and fly anglers, besides Pool 1, which of historical reasons remains as a flyfishing pool.

The following rules apply for Kronolaxfiskets stretches of the river
These apply for spin and fly fishing for salmon and sea trout. Fishing is to be practiced in the traditional angling manner with only spin or fly rods allowed. A valid licence should be worn in a manner as to make it easily visible at all times and should in conjunction with valid identification be provided upon request. Are you in the least bit unsure as to rules or regulations then feel free to ask.

Fishing season and times
The fishing season for salmon and sea trout runs from the 23st of March until the 30th of September. Long term licences day licences are valid from the 23th of March. On the premier day, the 23 th of March the fishing times are 9:00 – 17:00. During the remainder of the season the times are 05:00 – 02:00.

Catching, registering and releasing
Salmon that have spawned should quickly be returned during the months of March and April. During August and September all females with an adipose fin should be returned quickly. 

Fish that are foul hooked – fish that are not hooked in the mouth or pharynx should be unhooked with great care and returned as quickly as possible.
The permitted daily catch allowance is one salmon or sea trout per day. The minimum length for a kept fish is 50cm. Rainbow trout are exempt from your daily quota. You may return your catch and carry on fishing. Please ensure that upon returning the fish that you show it appropriate care and respect. Once you decide to keep your allocated fish for the day (1 fish), then you must immediately cease fishing. All caught fish should be registered at or at the weighing in station in Mörrum. Returned fish should have their length estimated and kept fish should be measured and weighed at the weighing in station situated at Laxens Hus.

The Swims
On the river Mörrum you are free to choose the method you wish to use. Spin and fly should strive to get on amicably upon all stretches. The only "Fly-only" Pool is Pool 1. 
Aside from those rules we would encourage you to read the information under the heading “Common sense and behaviour”. This is to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy a great day on the river.