Information (english)

Information (english)

March fishing, permits sales and the current state of the river 

Nyheter | 2014-11-17

Like all the other Baltic rivers, we have noted some problems with fungus on the fish during the autumnal spawning period. In conjunction with the spawn, on some of our sections of river, we found some fish displaying signs of fungal growth.

We even discovered some dead salmon and sea trout at the power stations in Hemsjö and Marieberg. At the time of writing the cause of these symptoms is still somewhat unclear. The well above average water temperatures in October coupled with the increased stress felt by the fish prior to their spawn will almost certainly have contributed to the current situation.
Due to the high water level it is difficult to adjudge the extent of the mortality rates, though we obviously are hoping for a successful spawn to attain a bright future for Mörrums famous, large salmon and sea trout. There have been worrying pictures on social media depicting effected fish from the river Em and we are keeping our fingers crossed that our own fish and those from the Em live to fight another day, with no more than a few bruises.

In 2013 and 2014 we began the seasons with successful attempts at early fishing in March. We will utilize this option even for the coming season. With the somewhat uncertain circumstances we will however be restructuring this fishing a little. Last year we included the upper reaches of the river.

In 2015 we will be limiting the fishing to the lower parts (Pool 1-16). Through this approach we will be targeting only new, rising sea trout, so called “shiners”.
Between the 1st and 15th of March we will be offering our guests limited access to the southernmost reaches of Kronlaxfiskets beats. This is to guarantee the quality of the fishing.
We will be fishing with two groups per day. One group will begin at 08:00 on pools 1 through 8, the other group commencing at the same time on pools 9 through 16. The zone change between the two groups will take place at 13:00, with fishing ending for the day at 18:00.

We hope to be able to offer a fishing experience above the norm and the little village of Mörrum will be waking up from its winter slumber a little earlier than usual.

This coming season there will be an opportunity to book “regular” day permits on certain days of this period. A daily permit will cost 1200Sek and a group permit will cost 12500 Sek. If you book a group permit, this will allow up to 12 people to fish within that group.
Aside from this Kronolaxfiskets usual rules and regulations apply.

We will start selling the permits for next seasons “shiner fishing” on Friday November the 21st. These purchases can be made online at or alternatively by telephone on +46 454 50123.
If Mörrums Kronolaxfiske adjudges that the fishing has to be cancelled due to severe ice then the full price of the permits will be refunded.

In between this early fishing and the traditional premier on the 28th of March there will be a two week pause in the fishing.

Sales of day permits for the regular season (March 29th to September 30th 2015) will also commence on Friday 21st of November.

Sales for next seasons premiere will commence on the 28th of November.