The first two fresh run salmon of the season are landed and the conditions for continued good fishing are perfect

Nyheter | 2015-04-27

Sigurd Kramer Hansen from Denmark caught the first one already on april 14th in Pool 16. After a genetic analys made by the SLU we can confirm that it was a true River Mörrum salmon which left the river after two years as a smolt and returned to it after 3 years in the Baltic. It was one the the earliest fresh run salmon from the Mörrum ever. 

 Årets första lax


Two days ago (April 25th) Jani Barna from Malmö lost a large fish in the lower part of the river after 30 minutes! (Take a look on the video on our Facebook-page)

Yesterday we were finally able to enter the second big salmon to the journal. Niels Skov caught a huge fish in Pool 1. The salmon weighted 32 lbs and was only 104 cm long. 

Niels Skov lax 14,6kg Pool 1

It seems that there is a lot of fish on its way uppstream the river as more and more people spot large fish 'at the right places' and even the catches of the trolling fishermen increase in our area.

The weatherforecast looks promising, the perfect waterflow will continue and the watertemperature is perfect  (12 °C). 

Visste du att...

  • Den största spöfångade laxen i Mörrum vägde 26,72 kilo
  • Mer än 85% av den fångade fisken återutsätts
  • Under en junihelg 1991 landades 121 laxar
  • I avelsfisket har det tagits en havsöring på över 18 kilo