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The River

River Mörrum goes USA 

"The River" is a new song by TJ Leonard! A fantastic song about memories and the Mörrum River... We feel proud and happy to be a part of this declaration of love!

Take a look at the video 

This is what TJ Leonard says about his work. "This song is bout me and my fishing buddies growing up by the Mörrum River. It was truly a great time and it laid the foundation of my interest for the outdoor life, fishing and hunting. I had a great time with Ben shooting the scenes in Mörrum and with Fredrick shooting the other scenes in my home in Stockholm where I live nowadays.The song is from the album 'High on Living' which is my first solo album.

Thanks to all the people that helps me with recording, sending me old photos and such. You're the best!!! Special thanks to Fredrick Franke, Ben G.T. Nyberg and Ulf Sill.

 And as we say in Sweden -SKITFISKE! (wishing good luck with your fishing)"