The year of the big salmon

The year of the big salmon

A brief summary of the previous salmon season...

Nyheter | 2015-05-25

With some days left of the May fishing for fresh run salmon we want to give you a summary of what have happened so far. 

Already today we can confirm that this season is the eleventh best in the history of the river and there are still many days left to make it even better. 

Some facts - so far... 

  • we have caught 88 salmon, 17% of them were released
  • the average size of the salmon is 11,7 kg
  • the averrage size of the top-10 salmon is 15,7 kg 
  • the average size of the top-25 salmon is 14,2 kg 
  • 69 fishermen from 8 different nations (A, S, D, DK, CH, I, NL, FIN) have caught one or more salmon 
  • 11 fishermen have caught two or more salmon each
  • 78 salmon were caught by flyfishermen, 10 by spinn fishing
  • 15 salmon are caught by local fishermen
  • the salmon were caught in 18 of our 32 different Pools
  • even Vittskövle and Ekeberg gave some nice catches 
  • 56% of the landed salmon are caught in two Pools 
  • the most productive Pool is Pool 2 ( 31 catches), the 2nd one is Pool 1 (18 catches)
  • 18 salmon were caught in the northern parts of the river (Pool 17-32, Vittskövle) 


The Top - 10 list

1. 05-04 Lax 107cm 18,16kg, Fly, Pool 2, Tommi Liimatainen Finland

2. 05-19 Lax 116cm 17,92kg, Fly, Pool 2 Jan Hocke Hamburg

3. 05-12 Lax 110cm 16,5kg, Fly, Pool 1 Filippo Restaino Denmark

4. 05-20 Lax 109 15,8kg, Fly, Pool 17 Jan Ruud Hansen, DK

5. 05-18 Lax 110cm 15,66kg, Fly, Pool 1 Stefan Fransmann, Germany

6. 2015-05-01 Lax 104cm 15,12kg, Spinn, Pool 2 Sten Christiansen, DK

7. 05-12 Lax 108cm 14,84kg, Spinn, Pool 2 Roland Martinsson Mörrum

8. 2015-04-26 Lax 104cm 14,6kg, Fly, Pool 1 Niels Skou Olsen, DK

9. 05-18 Lax 104cm 14,4kg Fly, Pool 15 Ulf Sill, Mörrum

10. 2015-04-14 Lax 107cm 14,16kg  Fly, Pool 15 Sigurd Kramer Hansen; DK



Lax 107cm 18,16kg, Pool 2, Tommi Liimatainen