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Specimen angling

Angling – fishing the pole, ledgering or float fishing is permitted with a licence along certain stretches of the river. Your fishing licence should be highly visible at all times and should always be produced upon request from wardens or staff.

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We have four different types of angling license:

License descriptions:

Summer angling:
Summer angling cards are mostly intended for our younger fisherman and summer tourists.

Specimen Id:
Specimen Id is an exclusive card for anglers who want to focus their fishing on the very large Iden on the lower part of Mörrumsån.

Specimen Predator:
Specimen Predator is for anglers who hunt the river´s large pike and pikeperch.

Specimen Mete:
Specimen Mete is intended for anglers who want to target their fishing for Färna, Brax, Sutare, Mört, Id, Vimma, Sarv, Björkna and Perch.

Last updated: 2017-12-13