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Day permits

The salmon and trout fishing in Mörrum has long been among Sweden's best-known and most popular. Mörrumsån stream and Mörrum salmon fishing are renowned among anglers all over Europe. 

When fishing the Mörrum River, you must remember that you are fishing for some of the world’s largest salmon and sea trout. This makes certain demands on your fishing tackle. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but has to be of the correct dimensions, please see Fishing rules.

When fishing in Mörrum river you must be able to show a valid fishing permit. It is allowed to fish on your voucher/confirmation, printed or in the mobile phone. You can also get the permit at the office/Laxens Hus in Mörrum. In connection with your purchase of a fishing license, you undertake to follow the regulations and rules that exist for fishing in Mörrumsån. During the season you are allowed to fish from 05.00-02.00. Please note: For the premiere day you can fish 09.00-17.00 and September 30th 05.00-24.00.

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In case of any questions please contact us at +46 454 50123 or morrum@sveaskog.se