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Our stretches

Our stretches offers a varied fishing experience. From the Classic Pools 1-32 in the south to the newer parts in the north, Härnäs, Vittskövle, Knaggalid and Svängstasträckan. 


The traditional Kronalax Fishing for sports fishing was established in 1941 and is about 7 km long on the river's lower stretch. From Rosendala in the north to Elleholm in the south is divided into 32 pools. Laxens Hus (Fishery Office) is placed approximately in the middle of this stretch of the river. The stretch upstream of the Kungsbron (Kings Bridge – placed in the middle of Mörrum town) consists of pools 17-32) and is generally called the “northern stretch”, where the river flows through a beautiful oak and beech forest. Below the Kungsbron (pools 1-16) also called the "southern stretch" the river runs mostly through arable land. The best fishing spots vary depending on the season and water level.



Vittskövle, a 2.2 km wonderfully beautiful stretch, which smells of salmon and full of hotspots. Here you’ll find some of the river's most beautiful rapids. There are lyrical talk about pools such as the Myren, the Tallen, the Nacken and last but not least, the Rosendala. The stretch starts about 250 meters upstream of the suspension bridge in the north and ends at Rosendala. There are great spawning areas for both salmon and trout. Here, too, the river is not divided into pools, but this stretch allows for both fly and spin fishing men and women to fish together...



Knaggalid area is a beautiful gem with fabulous tracks where you can spin and fly everywhere. The stretch starts in the north just downstream of the outlet channel from Hemsjö Lower power plant and ends 2.2 km further down at Åkeholm. The stretch is to a large extent surrounded by a magnificent oak and beech forest. Fishermen find the little classical pools "Tjyvahallen" and "Skafferiet - the pantry" these names speak for themselves. Just like in Härnäs, it is early spring fishing and autumn fishing that pays off best.



Härnäs catchment area is 3.7 km long and is situated at the top of the three fishing sections. Mörrum's Kronolax Fishing acquired access this stretch in 2015 through a lease agreement with E.ON. It starts just south of Hovmansbygd and ends about 100 meters upstream of Hemsjös Upper power plant. The entire fishing stretch lies within Kärringhejan's nature reserve, which guarantees a genuine wilderness character. The opening of the fish pass in 2014 at Hemsjö Lower and Upper power plants created about 22 hectares more spawning and fishing area. Early spring fishing is best, but also autumn fishing on migrating sea trout can be good.


The Svängsta Stretch

Our new stretch for the 2022 season!
The Svängsta Stretch consists partly of the former Ekebergs stretch together with the "new" stretch that came to light when Mariebergsdammen was demolished in 2020.

The stretch is about 3.3 km long, and is located 8 km north of Mörrum in the middle of Svängsta community. It is an exciting stretch and consists of just over 3 km of stream stretches, rapids and calm flow. The fishing stretch extends from Ekeberg in the south to the ABU factory in the north.

Here we only sell day passes limited to 10 cards / day, but there are also opportunities for package solutions with fishing licenses, food and accommodation, where you have the whole stretch at your disposal.

Perfect for a fishing club, group of friends or corporate events.

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