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Fishing rules that cover Mörrum's Kronolaxfiske stretches

The rules cover fishing for salmon, sea trout and hybrids (cross salmon-sea trout). Our fishing rules exist to enable recreational fishing that is based on a water & fishery conservation management as well as the Swedish fisheries legislation.

Every year, a rule review is made to further improve the conditions for fishermen, nature, and fish. Rules that change during the season are published on our website www.morrum.com. Are you unsure about something? Welcome to ask the staff at Laxens Hus or our appointed supervisors by the river! Also read about "Male & Female", "To handle and re-release a fish" and "Sense & etiquette" to be able to understand and apply the regulations.

Fishing license

In order to fish in Mörrumsån, a fishing license is required, the license is personal and cannot be transferred. A valid fishing license must be carried and, together with identification. You can buy a fishing license at Mörrum's Kronolaxfiske in Laxens Hus or online. It is the fishing license holder's responsibility to make sure and follow the regulations.

Fishing season

On the premier day, fishing may be conducted between 09:00 and 17:00
At other times, fishing may be conducted between 05:00 and 02:00
On the last fishing day, fishing may be conducted between 05:00 and 00:00

Allowable quotas and registration of catch

Permitted seasonal catch is 6 salmonids. After you have taken up the permitted quota for the season, you must stop your fishing for the rest of the season.

Permitted daily catch is one salmonid per day. Daily catch includes salmon, sea trout and hybrid.

After you have taken up the daily catch (one fish), you must stop your fishing for the day.

If you return your catch, you may continue fishing. Returned fish must be estimated by length upon registration.

The minimum size is 50 cm for both salmon, sea trout and hybrid. Salmonids under 50 cm shall not be registered and must be released immediately

Failhooked fish, hooked in places other than the mouth or throat, must be unhooked with the utmost care and immediately released again and not registered.

Should you catch any species other than salmon, sea trout or hybrid, this must be immediately re-released and NOT registered.

All salmon caught must be registered either via morrum.com or at the Fishing Office. At Laxens Hus, you can measure and weigh your catch to complete your registration. All permitted catches must be registered on the day of catch.

Permitted fishing methods

Fishing must be done using traditional methods and only spinning and fly rods are allowed. One rod per person. Fly fishing traditionally refers to fly fishing with a fly rod, fly reel, fly line and a fly. Spinning fishing traditionally refers to spinning fishing with a spinning rod, spinning reel, line and bait. Spinning fly and casting bobber are allowed. Worm is prohibited as bait. Hooks must be free of barbs.

Time-limited rules & fish handling rules

Salmon kelts (Male & Female) must be released during March and April.
During August and September, all females (salmon, trout, hybrid) with adipose fin must be released.

Zoning on all cards during the month of May in Pool 1–32. Zone change takes place at 13.00

If your catch is to be released again, the fish must never leave the water.