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Common sense and behavior

It is easy to write rules for one thing and another but when it comes down to how people behave then it’s a different matter. A fundamental principle would be to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Salmon and sea trout fishing usually requires the angler to exercise mobility to enhance the chance of catching. Choose your starting point with care. Never jump ahead of another angler. One cast, one step is a good basic rule to adhere to. It is your responsibility to ensure that your fishing does not disturb that of your fellow anglers.

Respect nature. If you are very quiet you may see an elk come down to the river for a drink of water. It is a fine heritage that we are preserving for the coming generations. Always use facilities provided such as wastepaper baskets and toilets, park your vehicles in designated areas and as far as possible always use established paths and tracks through the nature. If you wish to make a fire please use the designated grill areas.

That the fishing in Mörrum can run so smoothly is largely down to the goodwill of 50 or so private land owners. Show them respect and thanks by not damaging their property or disturbing those residing along the river.