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Equipment and strategy

There are many different species in the river Mörrum. Your choice of equipment and technique should be adapted for the species you are targeting. 

Bigger, heavier predators such as pike, zander and even larger perch demand a heavier rod, stronger line and more powerful hooks. Rods between 11 and 12 foot in length, with some backbone to them are to be recommended. A wire trace is also a good suggestion to ensure that razor sharp predator teeth don’t sever your line when hooking into the fish. Predators quite often like to “run” with their prey, especially the pike which will gladly pick up the bait and move away some distance before stopping, turning the prey in its mouth and then enjoying its meal. With this in mind so called “baitrunner” reels are to be recommended, these will allow the fish to pick up the bait and run with it, with little to no resistance being offered, they still allow the angler to strike at their leisure. Advisable line dimension and type is 0,30mm to 0,35mm mono.

For slightly lighter fishing for species such as bream, tench, chub etc you can reduce line diameter to a mono between 0,15mm and 0,25mm. A so called “feeder” rod or “swing tip” rod is recommended, 11 – 12 foot being the perfect length. “Baitrunner” type reels are also optimal for this type of fishing as the fish in the river Mörrum are in good condition, powerful and aggressive. They are more than capable of making powerful, surging runs in the strong current. Ledgering will probably give you the best results but fishing the float may provide more activity and entertainment, this also gives you the added advantage of being able to fish different layers of water quite easily. A gliding rig will give you good results as you are minimizing the resistance the fish will feel when taking your bait. When the going is a bit slow or the water temperature has dropped quickly then it may be a good idea to test a swim feeder. This is basically a ledgering weight with a small cage or container built onto it in which you can place groundbait or other delicacies which may entice the fish. Some bread crumbs mixed with whatever hook bait you are using is often an effective combination.

Ledgering weights between 15-25g are often sufficient although you may have to increase this on certain stretches or if there is a powerful current. Hook and bait (please note: worm is totally forbidden) are adapted to the species of fish you are targeting. Larger hooks and larger baits will generally attract larger fish and will keep the smaller fish away. An unhooking device or pliers are always recommended. Respect your catch!