Financial information

Financial information

We issue financial reports quarterly and our annual report and sustainability report in March of each year.

1 January – 31 December 2018

  • Net sales, which comprise both deliveries from our own forest and externally procured forest raw materials, increased by 12 per cent to SEK 6,971 million (6,206). The prices increased on average by 11 per cent and total delivery volumes increased by one per cent.
  • Operating profit from continuing operations increased by 14 per cent and amounted to SEK 1,422 million (1,248). The positive effect of higher prices has been partially offset by four per cent lower delivery volumes from the company’s own forests, where the margins are higher than for externally acquired forest raw materials. On the other hand, costs associated with forest fires and reduced sales of non-forest land have had an adverse effect on profit.
  • Yield amounted to 5.4 per cent (4.8).
  • The reported change in the value of standing timber amounted to SEK 1,6971 million (200) net. This improvement is a one-off effect mainly due to the change in the discount rate and other assessments in connection with the calculation of the fair value of the biological assets. The change in value has no effect on cash flow.
  • Profit for the year increased by 129 per cent and amounted to SEK 3,168 million (1,384), corresponding to SEK 26.76 (11.69) per share. In addition to improved profit, changes in corporate tax rules have resulted in a positive earnings effect of SEK 505 million.

Financial calendar

  • January 28: Year-end report 2018
  • April 24: Interim Report: January-March 2019
  • April 24: Annual General Meeting 2019
  • July 12: Interim Report: January-June  2019
  • October 23: Interim Report: January-September 2019
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Per Matses

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