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Financial information

Financial information

We issue financial reports quarterly and our annual report and sustainability report in March of each year.

April – June 2021

  • Net sales increased by three per cent to MSEK 1,867 (1,808). Total delivery volumes increased by three per cent, while average prices of wood raw materials remained unchanged.
  • Operating profit increased by 77 per cent to MSEK 372 (210). The increased profit is primarily due to increased volume from Sveaskog’s own forest and a new method for valuing forest assets. The new method means that costs for reforestation, MSEK 120, from this year are recognised in the item change in value of forest assets. Aside from the new method, the underlying profit is higher than in the previous year (see more on pages 10 and 11).
  • The reported net change in value of standing timber amounted to MSEK 183 (154).
  • Profit for the quarter amounted to MSEK 607 (312), equivalent to SEK 5.13 (2.64) per share.

Financial calendar

  • January 27: Year-end report 2020
  • April 26: Interim Report: January-March 2021 
  • April 26: Annual General Meeting 2021
  • July 16: Interim Report: January-June  2021
  • October 26: Interim Report: January-September 2021
Kristina Ferenius

Kristina Ferenius


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