Funding programme

Loan programme

Type of loan Arranger Amount (SEK million)
Commercial paper Swedbank 5,000
MTN Handelsbanken 8,000
Bilateral loan agreement*   4,300

*Final maturity 2024

Credit rating

Sveaskog and other borrowers are rated on the basis of two main parameters:

  • Assessment of business risk, including assessment of the industry, competitive situation, management and business strategies
  • Assessment of financial risk, including financial policies, cash flow analysis, profitability, capital structure and financial flexibility

Sveaskog does not have an official credit rating from a credit rating agency.

Sveaskog’s financial activities

Sveaskog’s Financial Management Department is responsible for the company’s financial activities. This includes responsibility for the company’s financing, cash management, currency management and financial risk exposure. The Finance Department’s remit is to ensure Sveaskog’s financial flexibility.