Erik Brandsma new CEO of Sveaskog

Erik Brandsma has been named new CEO of Sveaskog, effective from 15[th] January, 2022. Erik Brandsma has a degree in forest engineering with a MSc from British Columbia and most recently served at Jämtkraft AB. Before that he was Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency, where he contributed to the energy transition in Sweden.

Erik Brandsma has also served as Chief Sustainability Officer at Vattenfall AB and EON AG, and he has experience from international sustainability work within the OECD and the UN.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Erik Brandsma as our next CEO,” says Eva Färnstrand, chairman of the board at Sveaskog. “He has long experience from leading organizations in change and a strong commitment to sustainability. He has just the right set of skills needed to lead the continuous implementation of our long-term focus that was made public last spring: Sveaskog’s sustainable forestry programme.”

“Every time I’ve met Sveaskog, I’ve been impressed by the organization’s commitment, competence and pride,” says Erik Brandsma. “I see this as a wonderful challenge, to drive the change towards a sustainable forestry together with all my new colleagues. It’s a very important task to lead Sveaskog through the transition where we future-proof our operations, and I see that all of my previous experiences have contributed to preparing me for this exciting job.”

Erik Brandsma will replace Per Matses, who will retire after 10 years as CFO and acting CEO during 2021.

For more information, please contact:

Niclas Brantingson, head of Communications, Sveaskog, +46 70 362 03 99

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