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SBP certification

SBP certification

Sveaskog Baltfor is certified according to the Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP) standard since 31 August, 2017 (certificate registration code SBP-01-84).

Standards can be found at the Sustainable Biomass Partnership website.

SBP is a standard created by the biggest European biomass power engineering companies defining requirements to origin of raw materials for pellet and fuel biomass production companies globally.

SBP standard defines that raw materials of pellets and biomass must be environment-friendly, biomass obtaining sources balanced by economic and social factors.

Since Latvia has no united and confirmed SBE risk evaluation, and no risk reduction instruments are defined, Sveaskog Baltfor SIA has individually developed risk evaluation for Latvia, that evaluates various environmental, labour safety and other risks in purchase process (biomass from agricultural lands, branches after timber cutting, wood residues after forest operations) for further biomass export.

Risk categories were evaluated in nature and in accordance with local legislation, as well as a risk reduction system was developed, that could negatively affect any of sensitive forestry, timber cutting industries. 

If any comments or recommendations on the risk evaluation developed arises, please inform, or by calling +371 26111329.